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Hello! We’re back with another logo-redesign. I’ve been wanting to tackle Google’s logo for a while (they’ve undergone a couple of small changes over the years, recently leading to that simple one you see in the second image, which was a screenshot I took only today, so it isn’t exactly sacred), and with today’s server errors, it seemed only appropriate to point out at least one way (maybe the ONLY way, because Google you are the BEST) that Google could improve - by getting Gothamized!

The major issue I have with the logo (aside from not being the best font ever) is the primary colors: that’s very 90’s World Wide Web to me! So I took the color palette from the Google Play icon, which is GORGEOUS, and applied the every-letter-is-a-different-color look from the original, and BAM: a logo that is elegant, but still playful!

What do you think? Did I commit blasphemy? Or do you like the new minimal but colorful look?

Love this redesign!

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